Office Spaces Slowed Down as Flexible Working Arrangement Adapted

The global pandemic has affected the working environment of the people. Many people are into flexible working arrangement and this leads to the downswing of the occupied office space. Hence, will the emergence of the vaccines return the normal office working days? Or will flexible working environments become predominant in the new normal?

Mark Lampard, the executive director and head of commercial leasing for Singapore at Cushman & Wakefield (C&W) could answer these questions. He said that this is not a straightforward yes or no. He further said, “What is certain is that occupiers are going for shorter lease terms to factor in a more flexible working environment.” Midwood Condo should be highly sought after due to the recovery of the construction factor for residential properties.

Besides, Ashley Swan, the head of the department of Savills Singapore has noticed that there are many companies nowadays that are surrendering around 20% …


Talks About Possibilities Of New Cooling Measures Rises

Discussions about a possible new round of property cooling system have risen when National Development Minister Desmond Lee and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Heng Swee Keat sounded out warnings about the property market last January 18, 2020.

National Development Minister Desmond Lee stated during the Building And Construction Authority-Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore (REDAS) Built Environment and Prosperity Seminar 2021, that the government is “very closely” watching the property market after several price increases and robust new condo sales.

He warned the developers stating that they should continue to remain prudent in land bidding and work responsibly with agents, taking into account the needs and affordability on the side of the buyer. Please see Midwood location as it is located near to Downtown Line which is connected to the city.

On the other hand, he also warned the home buyers to be mindful of their ability …


Approval Needed to Install CCTV Outside HDB Flats

An approval from the Housing and Development Board also known as HDB, in short, is needed for the installations of CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras in the residential premises of HDB flats, is what the law says.

In a recent development, Singaporeans came up with mixed reactions, with a few of them caught mentioning that it is acceptable to them, to the installation of a CCTV camera outside the HDB flat. In Jimmy Lin words, a resident of the HDB flat, “You will never know when you need the footage from your neighbour to help you in case of theft or other matters”, and William Liew says, “It was like having free security surveillance”, flagging green signal to this installation while a few many didn’t look happy with this.

From what is heard of, a question- Could you accept a neighbour monitoring your daily block through the installation of a CCTV …


hillV2 Shopping Mall at Hillview MRT Station

Nowadays, people all over the world like to spend their significant amount of time in shopping complexes. And if you’re a Singaporean and haven’t heard of HillV2 then let me help you know about it in detail. Lying at the heart of Hillview estate, HillV2 is a two-storey 55,000 sq. ft. commercial/residential building designed Hillhaven for diverse functions. Owned and developed by Far East Organization, it is situated in Prime district 23 at 4 Hillview Rise Singapore 667979. Managed by Transurban Properties Private Limited, this state-of-the-art lifestyle precinct comprises 528 residential blocks and retail commercial outlets in total. hillV2 Shopping Mall is located near to Midwood Condo by Hong Leong. Location of Midwood is near to Hillview MRT Station.

Nature parks around the HillV2 are icing on the cake for those who enjoy technology and nature at its best. Filled with lush greenery, HillV2 offers various amenities: residences, gyms, …


The Rail Mall

Unique with its appearance, Rail Mall is considered one of the gems in Singapore. Located in upper Bukit Timah, this single-story building will offer you an unwinding experience of homeliness and peace. You can almost find anything that you need in this place due to the perfect mix of different stores and pubs.

This is a perfect location to bring your family and friends to bond and probably have some refreshments while taking a shot with the instagramable scenery. With different murals and detailed images, this mall also pays respect to the old station that serves as its namesake. Midwood Hillview is a new development at Hillview MRT Station.


Speaking of essentials, this mall has its supermarket, the Cold Storage. Known as one of the leading supermarket chains in the country, this popular brand has always been tagged as “The Fresh Food People” for its commitment to delivering a …


Transformation Around the Jurong Lake District

Singapore has been known for its secure and safe environment. It is also known as a wealthy city-state in South-east Asia. This is because of the enormous businesses and employment opportunities in it. To give more job opportunities, three new employment areas will rise in the Western region of Singapore. And these are the Jurong Lake District (JLD), Jurong Innovation District (JID), and the Tuas Port. Both the JLD and JID are expected to generate a pleasant working and living environment for everyone. The Jurong Lake District will feature many new amenities near to Midwood Condo which is by Hong Leong Holdings near to Hillview MRT Station. Midwood Hillview is a new development at Hillview MRT Station.

  • JURONG LAKE DISTRICT – This mixed-use business will rise on a lot area of 360 hectares. Which is going to make it the largest mixed-use development outside the city centre. The Jurong Lake

Activities at Hillview Community Club

Hillview Community Club, formerly known as Princess Elizabeth Estate Community, is located in the heart of Hillview Rise, Singapore. It was initially opened on the 5th of May, the year 1863 by former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

This club started its mark and built fame during the 60s where people used to come together and watch the news from black and white television. They have created a big impact in the community by sharing awareness and a strong connection to each resident. Midwood Hillview is a new development at Hillview MRT Station.

Later on, it was relocated to a void deck at Bukit Batok West. Though many years have passed, still the foundation that they’ve built on the residents remains. As a matter of fact, during their comeback to their original site in Hillview, they were applauded by the community thus showing that the spirit of fellowship bonding remains …


History of Hillview Avenue and Hillview Rise

Hillview is located in the west area of Singapore, between Bukit Panjang, Bukit Batok, and Bukit Timah. This may not be a popular area in Singapore but it would surprisingly amaze a visitor to take a tour around the area. It is rich in nature, heritage and shopping experience. The location of The Midwood Hong Leong Group is located at Hillview Avenue and Hillview Rise.

Shopping Mall Near to Hillview Rise

1. The Rain Mall – this is a one storey shopping center in Singapore. This mall is located on the opposite side of the Hillview road. Hillview road houses restaurants and other food establishments and other amenities for the residents near to Hillview Rise.
2. Hillview mansion – also famously known as the Green House, this old structure is located on top of Hillview Hill. This is also rumored as a haunted house. Unfortunately, the Mansion has been demolished …


Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

If you would like to have a memorable and unique nature experience, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is the place to be. The reserve which lies just a few kilometers away from the busy bustling City has what it deserves to relax your mind from every day busy activities of life. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve has the richest and diverse ecological Arina East Residences system than any other nature reserve in Singapore. It homes amazing plants varieties, various insects types, animals, birds, and adorable equatorial climate. The Midwood Condo by Hong Leong Group is located near to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve near to Hillview Avenue and Hillview Rise. Please see Midwood Floor Plans to see if the size of the unit will fit to your family.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Tallest Hill in Singapore

The reserve covers about 163 ha of land including Bukit Timah Hill which is the tallest hill …