Dairy Farm Nature Park

Virtual Tour Midwood Hong Leong

Virtual Tour Midwood Hong Leong

The Dairy Farm Nature Park is located on a large 75-hectare area and is home to many unique trails suitable for hiking and cycling tours. The park, which is located in a very rustic environment, offers its visitors the opportunity to participate in various activities and benefit from the beauty of this incredible environment, as it contains special locations such as an old stone quarry and a nature track.

One of the prominent locations in Dairy Farm Nature Park is undoubtedly the Wallace Education Center. A permanent exhibition designed in memory of the famous British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace aims to give visitors a wonderful experience in this huge park and to honor the memory of Alfred. The exhibition designed in his name is located in the Wallace Education Center within the park. The exhibition is really famous for being interesting and unique. Dairy Farm Nature Park is also gaining the appreciation of its visitors with the Wallace Education Center and this unique exhibition. Please see the virtual tour of the development.

Dairy Farm Nature Park

To dig a little further into the historical part of the situation, it may be necessary to examine the relevance of this park with Alfred Wallace. Wallace came to Singapore in 1854 and worked there. His main center of this work was Singapore, where he focused his research on the Malay archipelago while continuing his work in Singapore. Wallace, who came to Singapore on April 18, 1854, continued his research here for exactly 8 years. As it is often attributed in the literature, one of the great stones behind the theory of evolution, along with Charles Darwin, who lived in the same age, is this British man. Please also see the main website for Midwood.

There is really surprising information about the Wallace Education Center, which was mentioned in previous chapters. The building of the training center used to be a cow shed and has a usage style that is far from its current state and intended use. Nowadays, it has a gallery that will allow visitors to learn about the biogeographical and biological variations related to the region. Thanks to this training gallery, people can learn deeper information about the region. People who visit this gallery can find seminal information about the biological history of the region and how the biogeographical culture has changed over the periods. If there is one thing that everyone can definitely agree on, it is this: people of all ages and cultures will learn about the insects at Dairy Farm, ecological culture

wildlife, and resident wild culture here, in various interactive exhibitions. And most importantly, they’ll love this experience!

Garden Trails at Dairy Farm Nature Park at Hillview

Another part dedicated to the memory of Alfred Russel Wallace is the Wallace Trail. The Wallace Trail, built in 2009 and later restored and expanded, is a unique nature trail extending from Hillview MRT station to the Wallace Education Center, with a total length of about two and a half kilometers.

As we mentioned earlier in our article, Wallace made a visit to Singapore in 1854 and then used it as a base for 8 years, as the center of his research. At that time, Wallace took a break when he came to Singapore and here, around the Dairy Farm parkland, the dairy farm at that time gathered many insect species.

You can take a unique nature trail ride on this track. In addition, while enjoying the trail, you can explore the flora and fauna of the Dairy Farm Nature Park through Wallace’s eyes, as well as learn the history of the region by browsing the artifacts from the past. Don’t forget to climb onto the newly built viewing deck and enjoy the unique and obvious view of the woodland.

The nursery in the park also has an important meaning in terms of Singapore’s history. Established in Dairy Farm Nature Park, this nursery is the first community nursery established in Singapore. Volunteers willing to contribute to the establishment of this nursery will reproduce and grow native species that are endangered from wild plants or from seeds collected from nearby Bukit Timah forests and Central Catchment Nature Reserve. Plants will also contribute greatly to events such as the NParks’ One Million Afforestation movement. If you are interested in volunteer help, you can register as a Central Nature Reserve volunteer assistant, to be more than just a visitor.

Now, after learning all this, Dairy Farm Nature Park is waiting for you to experience an exquisite experience with its fields built in memory of Alfred Russel Wallace and its unique natural beauty. You can pamper yourself with this unique beauty, as do visitors who want to learn more about the diversity of Singapore’s natural life history and ecological culture, or simply want to enjoy nature. Please see Midwood for more details on the development.

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