Activities at Hillview Community Club

Midwood Condo Site Plan to Choose Different Stacks

Midwood Condo Site Plan to Choose Different Stacks

Hillview Community Club, formerly known as Princess Elizabeth Estate Community, is located in the heart of Hillview Rise, Singapore. It was initially opened on the 5th of May, the year 1863 by former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

This club started its mark and built fame during the 60s where people used to come together and watch the news from black and white television. They have created a big impact in the community by sharing awareness and a strong connection to each resident. Midwood Hillview is a new development at Hillview MRT Station.

Later on, it was relocated to a void deck at Bukit Batok West. Though many years have passed, still the foundation that they’ve built on the residents remains. As a matter of fact, during their comeback to their original site in Hillview, they were applauded by the community thus showing that the spirit of fellowship bonding remains and most probably grew stronger over time.

It became a second home to the residents as they enjoy gathering and bonding with their relatives and friends. We can say indeed that their dedication and consistent commitment to serving the people paved the way to their accomplishments today. Please also see the Midwood Site Plan that is available for your consideration with regards to choosing the right stack.

This community has answered the call of Bukit Gombak’s Residents to have an eco-friendly and sustainable environment. This four-story center is well decorated by lush greeneries that can easily be seen in its exterior landscape and internal facade. They developed attractive gardens for relaxation and spacious open parks where you can bring not only your loved ones but also your beloved pets to experience a different level of nature bonding hobbies. The place is also breezy and windy which attracts more people to chill.

Being true to their promise of sustainability, they have installed a special rain harvesting system to properly conserve, reuse, and create a backup water supply using rainwater which is helpful during summer months.

If you want to hang out or grab a bite, Hillview Community Club is a perfect place for you and your friends. They are home to different food and beverage outlets offering different cuisines such as local Singaporean dishes, Korean dishes, Chinese dishes, and even Halal products. One of the famous restaurants that you can visit and indulge is Wang Family Kitchen, their homemade Korean buffet together with the cozy and cuddly interior of their place are the main attractions why residents always want to come back. They also have Domino’s Pizza serving mouthwatering varieties of pizza for your whole family.

They also have elegant cafes suitable for your coffee, tea, and cookie needs whenever you want to unwind and relax from the busy environment of your work.

As part of Singapore’s earliest community club during the 60s, Hillview Community Club retains its heart to always engage the community. They opened their center to different community activities appealing to children, teenagers, and the elderly. Part of those is martial arts training, boogie bounce, Esports, and Zumba. Not to mention the seminars and training in their vicinity.

They have collaborated with other community partners to innovate social bondings and integration among the residents. There are also lots of conversations and posts on their Facebook page proving that they are a living example of an engaging club to their competitors.

Aside from its excellent restaurants and cafes, their facility also promotes health and fitness by placing a dance studio, basketball court, and badminton court. In terms of special gatherings such as graduations, seminars, and appreciation ceremonies, they are offering their multipurpose hall and activity room.

Though they are in an astounding location, Hillview Community Club is very much easy to locate. You could either take the metro or ride a bus.

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