Keppel Land goes into overhauled co-workplaces organization with SBF

Midwood Condo New Development Project Details

Midwood Condo New Development Project Details

Keppel Land and the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) have gone into an essential association understanding as a feature of the Global Connect@SBF activity. Under the association, SBF individuals and Singapore organizations alluded by GlobalConnect@SBF will actually want to get to Keppel Land’s KLOUD adjusted co-workplaces.

KLOUD is Keppel Land’s collaborating image, which offers adaptable and extra spaces for existing inhabitants and new organizations. It likewise gives modified arrangements like hot work areas, meeting offices and secretarial help administrations. In Singapore, KLOUD is opening another collaborating focus that possesses more than 17,000 sq ft on the eighth floor of Great Eastern Center.

Please see Midwood Condo Details for more development details with regards to the development. The payment schedule is available here.

As a feature of the organization, SBF has set up Singapore Enterprise Center @ Jakarta (SEC@Jakarta) and Singapore Enterprise Center @ Ho Chi Minh City (SEC@HCMC). They are situated in Keppel Land’s KLOUD overhauled co-workplaces in International Financial Center Jakarta and Saigon Center in Ho Chi Minh City, separately.

Singapore organizations visiting SBF’s SEC@Jakarta and SEC@HCMC will actually want to utilize KLOUD offices while tapping the in-market administrations of SBF’s nearby market counsels situated in Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh City. GlobalConnect@SBF’s administrations at these focuses range from bargain beginning to assistance, business coordinating, business set-up and excursion for work arranging administrations.

Ben Lee, head working official of Keppel Land, says: “As both landowner and administrator of KLOUD, we can promptly meet the developing requirements of occupants and offer adaptable space answers for encourage the internationalization of Singapore ventures.”

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