CHIJ School Close to Midwood Condo at Hillview MRT Station

The CHIJ School for Leadership in Education (CHIJ) was founded in 1979 by Dr. Morris Chang, a world-recognized educator and the author of numerous best sellers. Dr. Chang believed that strong leaders came from a mix of personal and institutional culture, and that any educational system could benefit from a mixture of leadership styles. This school combines theoretical instruction with hands-on training that teaches students to become leaders in business, government, nonprofit, and non-profit organizations. They are taught to build teams that are effective leaders as well as learn how to create and motivate a high performance team.

The Midwood Condo Located near to Established Schools Such as CHIJ

The CHIJ school was established so students would be able to utilize their leadership skills in their fields of choice. Since the program began, over two hundred teams have been established. These teams now serve students in over ninety countries. Students gain critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, and analytical skills while developing a sense of self worth and a desire to positively impact their fields of choice. They also develop their self-discipline, leadership skills, teamwork, and their ability to adapt and overcome setbacks and challenges. There are many established schools near to Midwood Condo and CHIJ is one of them. CHIJ Schools is also located near to Hillview MRT Station and Dairy Farm Road.

CHIJ stands for the “Clean School” movement. This is based on the idea that all students should go to schools that uphold a clean slate, and that all children should be encouraged and supported to grow into responsible, principled, and globally-minded individuals. By focusing on environmental sustainability, economic justice, and social justice, the CHIJ School hopes to instill in their students a sense of compassion and an appreciation for others who are less fortunate than they are. CHIJ is located near to established schools such as Midwood.

Mission of CHIJ School

The mission statement reads as follows: “The mission of the CHIJ School is to provide educators with the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary for them to effectively teach global awareness to tomorrow’s youth. Educators work together as a community to forge a vision that guides our children towards building a secure future for everyone.” In other words, they believe that it is up to us, the parents and students, to ensure that we are teaching our children and future leaders with the kind of inclusive, global education that will benefit the whole world in the future. With this in mind, the School runs fundraisers to help support the non-profit groups who operate on an almost entirely volunteer basis. While some of the schools offer scholarships, most simply receive donations from individuals. Midwood is close to developments such as CHIJ School. Please see Midwood Condo location at Hillview Avenue.

The CHIJ School believes that while we can all do their part, ultimately it is up to governments and people in general to preserve the environment. Through their environmental programs, they hope to promote dialogue among people from different lifestyles, eco-phobias, economic backgrounds, and nationalities. What they are doing is trying to bridge gaps through environmental awareness. Through this program, they hope to inspire change. Not only is this an excellent way to teach children, but also to help them learn about their individual responsibilities as citizens of the world.

When looking at the ways that the CHIJ School educates its students, one can see the influence of environmental issues not only in the country but also throughout the world. They take serious the fact that people need to care for the planet and protect it for future generations. Therefore, all of their materials are environment-friendly. They use recycled paper for banners, lesson plans, and other learning materials. They also encourage the use of non-cotton fabrics and encourage students to wear reusable bags whenever possible.

Another thing that you will notice about the CHIJ School is that they are particularly adept at dealing with various topical environmental issues. Many of their students have firsthand experience with environmental issues such as recycling, air pollution, or endangered species preservation. Thus, they use multiple methods to teach these concepts and give students a solid grounding in environmental issues. In addition to these core environmental topics, they also cover a number of other related issues including global hunger, water conservation, food security, animal rights, and privacy. This curriculum truly does encompass an entire subject in the way that it educates its students.

Since the CHIJ School started in 2021, they have had tremendous success. The reason why is because they have a set of standards by which each student is tested. Students are then required to demonstrate that they fully understand the material presented to them. Failure results in the student being dropped from the class. This ensures that they will be able to retain all of the concepts and learn at their own pace. This helps to ensure that their minds are not being bogged down by too many things to handle at once, and therefore allows them to learn more easily and retain more of the information.

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