Transformation Around the Jurong Lake District

Midwood Condo Near to Jurong Lake District Payment Schedule

Midwood Condo Near to Jurong Lake District Payment Schedule

Singapore has been known for its secure and safe environment. It is also known as a wealthy city-state in South-east Asia. This is because of the enormous businesses and employment opportunities in it. To give more job opportunities, three new employment areas will rise in the Western region of Singapore. And these are the Jurong Lake District (JLD), Jurong Innovation District (JID), and the Tuas Port. Both the JLD and JID are expected to generate a pleasant working and living environment for everyone. The Jurong Lake District will feature many new amenities near to Midwood Condo which is by Hong Leong Holdings near to Hillview MRT Station. Midwood Hillview is a new development at Hillview MRT Station.

  • JURONG LAKE DISTRICT – This mixed-use business will rise on a lot area of 360 hectares. Which is going to make it the largest mixed-use development outside the city centre. The Jurong Lake District will comprise offices, houses, amenities, and lots of green spaces too. And to support the neighbourhood’s unique lakeside and gardening settings, a complimentary leisure and amusement cluster was planned. The Jurong Lake District will be filled with different lifestyle options. Please see Midwood Payment Schedule with regards to servicing the loan.

Residents, visitors, and workers can easily access it and the rest of the island with 4

MRT lines that will serve the district by 2035. This includes direct connections to the

CBD, Changi Airport, and JID. So, travelling inside and outside will never be a



  • JURONG INNOVATION DISTRICT – This industrial district will soon rise near the Nanyang Technological University. The Jurong Innovation District will thrive on industries centred on production. It is expected to bring researchers, manufacturers, innovators, and students altogether. Making this a liveable and sustainable industrial district of the future.


  • TUAS PORT – This port is expected to be completed by the year the 2040s. Tuas Port will operate using automated technology. It will be the world’s largest port when finished. The port boasts that it can handle twice the amount of what ports today can handle. This next-generation port is expected to improve the links between port and businesses. On the other hand, the transport connectivity in the area is expected to connect the residents to employment, recreational, and even leisure areas. It will also give convenience to its residents, especially commuters.


Despite the advancement in technology, the new houses and the community in the West will live in harmony with nature. It will settle in greenery which is near parks and nature corridors. This will give the residents to enjoy nature and the sceneries. Residents will have access to gardening and farming spaces like the Forest Corridor. Which is 100m wide and 5km long, that will connect the Western and Central Catchment Areas.


The West Region is the district of parks and gardens. It is designed to improve the biodiversity in living as well as working environments. That’s why its main goal is to bring nature closer to its residents. And one of the most awaited nature-themed parks is the Jurong Lake Gardens is planned to rise here. It is expected to be completed in 2021. Which will be Singapore’s first national garden. Where people can enjoy various activities and enjoy nature-themed facilities. Jurong Lake Gardens will be the perfect place to relax and spend time with your family and loved ones.

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