Senja-Cashew Community Club Near to Midwood Condo Location at Hillview and Bukit Panjang

The Senja-Cashew community club has a rich tradition of support and active involvement to provide for the residents around the Bukit Panjang area, which in turn benefits many residents. Among other objectives, the club works towards enhancing social awareness, culture, and environment by providing a venue for cultural events and projects. Some of the current Senja Cashew Community Club; cultural exhibits and projects, music and dance, plays, workshops, pottery exhibitions and fruit orchards. Senja Cashew Community Club is the first fully integrated Community Club including a swimming pool and other amenities. Senja Cashew Community Club is located near to Hillview Avenue and Hillview MRT Station. Please see the location here.

Senja-Cashew Community Club Located at Bukit Panjang and Hillview

In order to preserve this rich heritage and environmental assets, Senja Cashew Community Club works on a number of issues of importance to strengthen community and cultural life for the residents. One such issue is making available all amenities and facilities that are necessary for a good lifestyle and economical well being of Bukit Panjang residents. To achieve this end, Senja Cashew Community Club ensures that there are a number of recreational spaces in the area including swimming pools and pavilions. These features ensure that people have a place to relax, have fun and enjoy the amenities offered by the community club.

Senja-Cashew Community Club Near to Midwood Condo

Apart from being a host of sporting and cultural events, Senja Cashew Community Club near Midwood Condo has a library containing hundreds of books on various subjects. There is also a large children’s section that offers educational programs for parents and children. The Senja Cashew Community Club also works towards having better sewerage and drainage facilities in the local area. Senja Cashew Community Club has made efforts to ensure that the sewage system of the region is up to standard. By doing so, there are less chances of diseases spreading among the residents.

The Senja Cashew Community Club club at Midwood Hillview MRT Station has made every effort to create a safe and healthy environment for the local people. Senja Cashew Community Club tries its best to prevent any form of accidents and dangerous situations from arising. This is achieved by ensuring that each resident is aware of his rights as well as his responsibilities as far as health and safety are concerned. The elderly and the children are educated and made aware of their rights. By doing this, they are able to live a much safer life.

Senja-Cashew Community Club Activities and Assistance

Senja Cashew Community Club has its own fire brigade that responds to emergencies. It also provides medical assistance to those in need and gives advice on the best way to deal with different kinds of emergencies. For people who need assistance after an accident, the first aid provided by the Sennia-cashew club is a blessing.

As far as recreation is concerned, the Sennia-cashew community club community club organizes sports events that are open to all people belonging to the community. These include volleyball games, basketball championships and other athletic events. These activities bring people together and ensure that they remain physically fit and in good physical condition. The Sennia-cashew community club also arranges for skating rinks and intramural sports.

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