Review of Shopping at Hillview Estate

Review of Shopping at Hillview Estate

A short walk from Hillview MRT Station and there are many shopping centres located around the area that includes hillV2 which is a great destination for shopping enthusiasts. hillV2 mall serves as the starting point of many Singapore shopping trips and contains two floors dedicated solely to shopping around the Hillview area. The mall boasts more than 250 stores and includes many dining options and eateries. Some of the popular tourist attractions in the vicinity of Hillview include the Cold Storage and Cedele. Midwood Condo residents will benefit from this development as it is located near to hillV2.

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Midwood Condominium is located at Hillview Rise in the Hillview, Upper Bukit Timah estae. The apartment is a mere 400 meterr stroll to the Hillview MRT terminal. It is bordered by shopping malls and dining establishments at the disposal of locals. Drivers of Midwood Condo Singapore are well offered by Bukit Timah-Kranji Expressway( KJE), as well as the Pan Island Expressway( PIE).

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If you would like to go straight to your favorite restaurant, simply walk towards the Hillview Avenue exit. If you’d prefer to get out of your vehicle, take a taxi or shuttle bus to reach Hillview. The mall itself is very easy to navigate. However, it can get confusing when you have many floors to navigate. To make things even more difficult, the layout of the mall makes it difficult to tell which entrance to enter from. The entrance to the fourth floor is often blocked by a line of cars, so you will have to turn around and go back the way you came; it can be tedious and frustrating.

Although it is a good shopping centre, hillV2 can sometimes feel too crowded. On days with heavy shoppers, it can feel like there are too many people in the mall, and it can be difficult to move around. Also, the entrance is only open for a limited number of hours, so you won’t want to waste your precious time queuing up for hours. Of course these are minor complaints, but they do help to explain why some people choose other nearby shopping malls. When you consider the number of people that would be visiting in a given day, it is clearly a trade-off.

Once you arrive at the mall, you will be greeted by friendly and helpful staff who can help you with your shopping experience. The mall has several floors where you can shop; the first and second floors have the most shops and the most common areas.

hillV2 shopping mall are located in close proximity to Hillview MRT Station and the busiest part of the Hillview Estate. It is conveniently placed next to the Hillview MRT Station. Hillview Avenue is known for being a popular shopping district in town. For those wanting to venture out of the city, the Downtown Line connects directly to the city, which means you can reach many destinations from Hillview Estate. This is especially convenient when you work in the Central Business District. It’s very difficult to pinpoint where to go and what to buy within this huge mall, making it easy to spend a significant amount of money on all your shopping needs.

If you don’t like shopping and need somewhere quiet to unwind with your family, other shopping malls are also located near to Hillview. There are also numerous restaurants, bars and other amenities. In fact, there are even shuttle services that will take you from your hotel to the various shopping malls

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