Please kindly see the below for the floorplans of the units available in The Midwood. Various floorplans are available to suit your family needs. Kindly take note that the floorplans are subjected to changes from the developer.

The Midwood Floor Plans and Layout

The Midwood consist of 1, 2, 3 bedroom units available. Typically, there are 2 types of facing. Hillview Rise or Hillview Avenue Facing. As a general guide, units 6th floor and above are able to get a unblock view.

The Midwood Hong Leong Group Hillview Rise

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require detailed information on the unit. A full copy of the floorplans is also available upon request. Please read our disclaimer for usage of The Midwood floorplans. More information can be found at location and project details of the development.

There’s no better feeling than having your own dream home for you and your family. Planning together with an architect or house hunting from different real estate companies is a great move to start your dream. However, the horror happens when you and your family move into that house and find out that instead of comfort it turns out to be a total disaster. You are probably thinking now that it’s somehow impossible to achieve your dream house but the truth is, there are simple floor plan hacks that you can apply to avoid ruining your desired home.

This one should always come first. Most of the designs that offer astounding balconies, expensive railing, and complicated stairs may not be ideal for families with small kids. Consider your family when checking all the features of your future dream home. Never think that every floor plan will perfectly fit every lifestyle. That’s not going to happen, it’s either you will adjust your lifestyle or adjust your plan. So carefully assess first the lifestyle that you have. Does your lifestyle fit a two-story or three-story house? Does it fit an open floor plan or an individual room with partitions? Make sure that your lifestyle will fit comfortably to the plan. There are a few floor plans to choose from for Midwood for your family.

Most of the time, we are too fascinated with all the upgrades and innovations that the house has to offer that we forget to focus on the main structure, layout, and flow of the rooms. Do not get sold with all the designs, colors, and upgrades that the developer is showing you. Instead, check on the bare structure of the house. Surely, there are many things that you wouldn’t understand in the plan. It’s hard to know every detail from your doors and windows to floorings and even stairs. The safest and easiest thing to consider is to consult a design professional.

Before settling down with what you considered a dream home, think first of all the future costs, bills, and maintenance that you will be facing. Bear in mind that proper green cost saving on your architectural design will save your future finances. This is a no brainer consideration. You don’t want to purchase a house that will not fit all your belongings, especially the big appliances. So, when designing, measure first all the big furniture and appliances that you have to properly input the right dimensions in your plan.

Most homeowners regret the space of their house since they didn’t consider having in-laws and friends coming over. Make sure that you think of a fully occupied room with certain people as you plan your living room, kitchen, and dining area. While it’s true that you can renovate the interior of your house into your ideal design in the future, still you also need to consider if your design will fit the layout of your location. Always ensure that your floor plan’s design will match the aesthetic and view of the surroundings.Plan your budget as early as now to prevent overspending in the future. Bear in mind that you can always upgrade and innovate once you have the capacity in the future. Again, do not be sold with the special features that a home selling representative is saying unless you have the budget for that.

When making a floor plan, make sure to consider your housemate’s opinion. Ideally, let them join you in the planning and consider their ideas for the plan. If you are hunting houses, bring them with you so they can have a walkthrough experience before helping you decide. Allow them to weigh in on some of the important factors in making the right plan. Those common mistakes that homeowners experienced might be easily avoided if you’ll think first and consider these 10 important hacks in planning your dream home.